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Welcome to Legends.

Take your ventriloquism journey to the next level by learning from the best. With the Legends Membership, you can have all the features of the academy, plus resources from historic performers.


What's Included?

Here's exactly what you'll have access to by becoming a Legends Member of the Ventriloquist Academy.

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Includes Everything in the Basic Membership

The Legends Membership includes all content present in the Basic Membership tier, plus additional videos and files from other great ventriloquists. Read below for what's included.


Legends Content

These legends videos are added on top of what already included in the Basic Membership.


Sammy King - Secrets to Stage Presence and Showmanship

Sammy King's unparralled comedy and ventriloquism career spans more than 50 years.

He truly is a "legend" in the world of ventriloquism. All of you younger performers out there look him up on the Internet!

He has performed more than 25,000 shows over his illustrious career.

Sammy also has been privately coaching vents for many years. People are generally on a waiting list to have access to Sammy and his coaching programs.

In this workshop, video recorded at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion, to a jammed packed, standing room only crowd, Sammy reveals some of his best secrets to vastly improving your act as it relates to the often overlooked areas of stage presence and showmanship. Demonstrating each of Sammy's points are hilarious short video clips that will make it all clear to you!

You'll learn:

  • The absolute best way to make your entrance and be ready to "knock 'em dead when you step up to the microphone

  • Costuming to maximum audience impact

  • Conveying your natural personality and energy

  • Getting huge laughs from YOUR reactions

  • Maintaining 2 characters (yours and the puppet)

  • What is your "gimmick?"

  • What is your "security blanket?" (Figure this out and you'll really improve your show)

  • Using props to enhance your show

  • Correct, professional microphone technique (you're probably doing it wrong)

  • Adding surprise endings to your routines and "blow-offs

  • A rare video clip from over 100 years ago from the world's most famous ventriloquist in his day. He used over 30 figures in his act. Learn from this master by watching him manipulate these amazing figures

  • Much more!


Sammy King - Coach Yourself

In this workshop, video recorded live at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion, in front of a standing room only crowd, Sammy reveals some of his best methods to help you self-critique your act. And then shows you how to improve your show with the things you'll discover.

In this information packed video, you'll see some clips (some 30+ years old) of some of today's biggest names in ventriloquism and then watch Sammy, in a positive way, point out the things that could have been done to make their routines better at that point in their careers.

It's a real treat to view these clips of Jeff Dunham, Jay Johnson, Ronn Lucas and Ken Groves and then have Sammy put his "coaches eye" on the bits. Then he offers up some solid, practical advice that will help YOU with your own show.

Sammy also plays several video segments of his own performances (many not seen in decades-like the Ed Sullivan Show, for example) and self-critiques his own act.

Also included are videos of two of Sammy's current students, Jimmy Vee and Mark Hellerstein, highlighting how Sammy has helped refine their shows.

This workshop was so successful and the content so valuable, that over a dozen attendees of Sammy's lecture signed up for more private coaching!


Sammy King - One Last Time

Sammy King's amazing comedy and ventriloquism career spans more than 50 years.

Over the decades he has performed at the world's top venues, in Las Vegas, at the world famous Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris and the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies Variety Show.

Some of his many television appearances include the Ed Sullivan Show, HBO and the Jerry Lewis Telethon.He has been the opening act for such stars as Cher, Ray Charles and Tony Bennett.

An accomplished classical guitarist, Sammy uses his musical skills in his most famous routine with his partner, Francisco the Mexican Parrot. He has performed this hysterical routine over 25,000 times since 1958!

In 2009, Sammy decided it was time to retire Francisco to the Vent Haven Museum in Ft. Mitchell, KY.

So, he gave one final performance on July 18, 2009 to a crowd of 450 of his peers at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist Convention. The routine was professionally video recorded.

Sammy received one of the longest standing ovations in the history of the convention. There was not a dry eye in the house as he then donated Francisco to the museum.


Now you can enjoy Sammy's final historic performance of this classic routine again and again.

Sammy King. Not just an entertainer, but a true show business legend.


Bill DeMar - Upsidedown and Backwards on Ventriloquism

Secrets, tips, hints, thoughts and instruction on the art of ventriloquism and on being an entertainer.

Taught by Bill DeMar, the "Master of Sight and Sound", in his own unique style. Drawing on over 50 years of being a professional entertainer, Bill covers show biz topics never before presented in any other video or book.

Just a few of the topics include:

  • Bill performing

  • What is a ventriloquist/ventriloquism

  • Taking care of your voice/throat

  • The power of your voice

  • Teeth, tongue, traps, distractions

  • Length of act, stage presence

  • Dress, what are you selling?, lighting, framing

  • Distance, figures, PA systems, checking clothing, repair kit, music

  • Throat exercises, breathing, facial structure, mouth exercises

  • Technique, sound substitutions

  • Learning, how many figures/voices?, attitude, assistants, introductions

  • Figure manipulation

  • Bill's performance cases and how to build them

  • BONUS VIDEO FOOTAGE: Bill performing his "tape over the mouth" routine at the Vent Haven 2002 convention and Bill performing the Magic Drawing Board


Bill DeMar - Manipulation Workshop

Bill DeMar is recognized as one of the best ever manipulators of puppets and dummies in the world.

Now you can listen in on and watch nearly 60 years of tips, tricks and secrets from this master of manipulation!

Learn a LOT more than just how to make your puppets look more lifelike. Bill will also show you how to "manipulate" other parts of your show(the audience, the environment, your staging) to help make you a much better overall performer.

Professionally recorded live at the Vent Haven ConVENTion!


Bill DeMar - Vent Haven ConVENTion 2007

This performance was professionally recorded live at the annual Vent Haven ConVENTion's big Saturday night closing show in 2007.

You'll laugh out loud as Bill performs his famous routine with Feldon the Unspeakable Frog.

Then Bill brings out his wooden partner of 58 years, Chuck Norwood (a beautiful Frank Marshall figure), and does a great routine which ends with Bill's signature and unbelievable "Tape Over the Mouth" bit, where an audience volunteer (at Chuck's direction) places layer after layer of tape over Bill's mouth and Chuck still continues to talk in a perfectly clear voice!


You'll see the well deserved standing ovation Bill receives at the end of his act, proving once again that there are very few entertainers in the same class as Bill DeMar.


The Bill DeMar Show

The full length stage show of American master ventriloquist and legend Bill DeMar.

Also includes never before seen bonus footage!

For over 60 years, professional ventriloquist and entertainer Bill DeMar made people laugh. He traveled the world with his cast of characters and is not only one of the most successful ventriloquists ever, but was also an icon and mentor to nearly everyone in the ventriloquism fraternity.

Using several unique and hilarious puppets including Luke the Reluctant Lion, Feldon the Unspeakable Frog, Happy Hoby, Grendle the Troll, and of course, his lifelong partner Chuck Norwood, Bill instantly makes you believe that his creations are really alive. His amazing technical ability, uncanny manipulation of his puppets, fabulous sense of humor and comedy timing kept Bill busy for six decades.

Please note that this video is a lot more than just a great program to watch. If you are a beginner, advanced, or professional ventriloquist, you will find this to be an invaluable resource when used as a teaching tool. Bill is recognized as one of the VERY BEST EVER puppet manipulators and by watching and studying Bill perform and interact with his puppets you will greatly improve the way you give "life" to your own puppets. You will learn more in 86 minutes of watching Bill's act than you would in years of trying to develop a personality for your puppet on your own.

You will absolutely be learning from one of the best there is!

The video also includes never before released video clips from several other performances of Bill, including a promotional video and rare footage of Bill's routine from the 1981 Vent Haven International Ventriloquist's Convention All Star Show. In this routine, Bill and Chuck Norwood re-create the famous team of Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd!


The Bill DeMar Story - A Lifetime of Laughs

For the first time ever on video, you can hear from "The Master of Sight and Sound" himself as he takes you through his entire career in this wonderful biography of Bill DeMar.

From his first home-made dummy and contest victory in 1949 all the way to the present, Bill covers in detail all of his nearly 60 years in show business.

Bill goes into great detail his life in show business. He tells how he came up with the idea for all of his unforgettable puppet characters - Feldon the Unspeakable Frog, Grendle the Troll, Happy Hobie, Luke the Reluctant Lion, Pfyre the Dragon and, of course, Chuck Norwood.

He also reviews the venues he worked in, the stars of the day he was on the bill with and so much more.

You'll also see a clip of Bill you've probably never seen before from the early 1960's.

Lot's of photos are woven into Bill's story to make this a real treat to watch.


Bill DeMar - 2012 Vent Haven ConVENTion Emcee

At the annual Vent Haven ConVENTion, there are shows every night during the four day event.


In 2012, Bill DeMar was the emcee for the big Wednesday night show.


Before bringing out the first act of the evening, Bill did his own set of material. And, as usual, had the audience in stitches as he worked his way through his routine - in true Bill DeMar style.

BONUS #10 & 11
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Bob Neller - Ventriloquism With Rare Companion Booklet

Bob Neller is considered one of the very best instructor's to ever teach ventriloquism. This is his all time best selling audio program, which also includes a booklet supplement to help you learn even faster.

Bob also is considered one of the top performers of the distant voice, and he explains how to do it in an easy to understand fashion.

Topics include:

  • Near ventriloquism and how to do it

  • Vent figures and the "actions" of the dummy

  • Lip and jaw control

  • Substitute sounds-speaking without moving your lips

  • The distant voice and how to do it

  • Psychological factors of ventriloquism


The Clinton Detweiler Tapes

Clinton Detweiler, along with this family, owned the longest running ventriloquism school in the world from 1969-2006. Literally thousands of students learned this amazing artform from Clinton and his course "The Maher Home Course of Ventriloquism."

Lee took the Maher course in the 1970's and was a great friend of Clinton for over 30 years.

When Clinton released an updated version of the Maher course in 1975, he eventually included audio cassettes to accompany the 30 written master lessons.

The printed lessons from that early version of his course were discontinued many years ago, as he eventually released newer and more updated editions which included a DVD instead of audio cassettes.

Sadly, Clinton passed away in 2013. Maher Studios stills proudly exists today under the ownership of Tom Crowl.

A couple of years before he passed away, Clinton granted Lee the rights to do whatever he wanted with the audios from his 1970's course.

Recently, after searching for days through his boxes of ventriloquism materials, Lee found the tapes and decided to remaster the audio cassettes to mp3 audio files so future generations could hear and learn from Clinton Detweiler. And to help keep Clinton's legacy alive.

While the mp3 audio recordings DO NOT include the written lessons, there is still nearly 3 hours of instruction from Clinton. You'll hear his teachings, advice, wisdom and humor.

There are many examples in each lesson demonstrated by Clinton himself and other vents such as Jimmy Nelson, Liz Vonseggen, Bill Boley, Edgar Bergen and others. Historical and instructional!


Bob Isaacson - 60 Years in Show Business

Enjoy a wonderfully entertaining history story and performance by ventriloquist Bob Isaacson in this professionally produced video, recorded live at the 2009 Vent Haven International Ventriloquist Convention.

Bob takes viewers back in time and talks about his 60 years in the entertainment business.

From his first dummy, to his Frank Marshall figures (and some great stories about Frank himself), Bob gives you a peek into his show biz career.

Bob appeared on television and radio many times over the years and also created several commercial educational training films. One, which was made in 1965 about the properties and safety of natural gas, is still used in the industry today.

He worked countless corporate events, shopping malls, dinner clubs and also portrayed Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd for the Museum of Broadcasting in Chicago.

After reminiscing about his past, Bob performs with his figures Junior and Speedy Wheeler. Very funny routines with two beautiful Marshall dummies.

Although Bob was never a full-time performer, he certainly was a true professional and in great demand over the course of his career. He never had an agent, but was so well received by audiences, that he kept as busy as he wanted just by word-of-mouth from happy clients.

Bob was also on the Vent Haven Board of Advisors from 1975 until his passing in 2017.

Bob Isaacson. A real gentleman, great ventriloquist and classic performer.


Bob Isaacson - Vent Haven ConVENTion Show

Check out this funny and entertaining performance from Bob Isaacson at the Vent Haven ConVENTion's Saturday night All Star Show.

Bob and his beautiful Frank Marshall figure, Speedy Wheeler, keep the audience laughing during their whole routine.

Bob was one of the most admired, respected and loved member of the vent community. Sadly, he passed away in 2017.

He was always ready to help any young, old, beginner or professional ventriloquist in any way he could. Truly a talented and humble gentleman.

And he loved performing!

Bob, you are missed.


Jerry Layne - Vent Haven ConVENTion Performance

Jerry Layne. A true professional and friend to everyone in the vent community. Jerry had a career that spanned over 50 years. He was not only a very in demand ventriloquist, but also a writer, a television show host, a voice over artist and a professional figure maker.

He was mentored by another great - Paul Winchell. They were lifelong friends. As a matter of fact, Jerry was the only figure maker authorized by Paul to make commercially available replicas of his Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smif dummies.


Jerry was also on the Board of Advisers for the Vent Haven Museum. He unexpectedly passed away in 2018. I felt it important and a tribute to my friend Jerry to include him in the Legends category.


Jerry Layne - Vent Haven ConVENTion Saturday All Star Show

Another performance video from Jerry Layne at the Vent Haven ConVENTion's Saturday night show. Never before seen unless you were at the event.

Enjoy these hilarious routines with Lester, Chester, the Baby and Jerry's first puppet - Sidney (a fantastic fall apart dummy bit).

See again why Jerry was such a successful pro over his long career.


I Hate Setting Goals Success Guide

I get it. You hate to set goals. So do I. But, lets be honest. All - not some - but all people who make it in any venture set goals. You will NEVER find someone who achieved something tell you they just winged it (unless their goal was dropping $100 a week on lottery tickets and they actually won).

But setting and achieving goals does not have to make you miserable in the process, or require a two week seminar to learn how.

That's where "I Hate Setting Goals Success Guide" shines. It's a book you can read in a a short amount of time and immediately implement the five main steps presented. You will be astounded how much easier it becomes to set and then follow through on your goals and dreams.

You'll learn the answers to:

  • Why it's OK to fail in your goal process

  • The easy to implement five step system to reaching any goal

  • The correct order in the goal setting process for maximum success

  • Which goals should you prioritize?

  • The 80/20 goal formula

  • How to stay motivated in reaching your goals

These are just a few of the topics you'll learn about and use over and over as you cross one, then another goal off of your list.


Fast Action Success and Prosperity System Audio Course with Planning Worksheet

This audio program, narrated by Lee, is my all time favorite system for achieving success. This is a real life, practical, no nonsense program that WILL get you motivated towards reaching your dreams. Not because the program is a pump-you-up, cheerleader pep talk type of course.

You'll be motivated because of the results you'll see in a very short amount of time.

You've probably heard that "knowledge is power." I don't agree. Knowledge is power ONLY when you take action! It may be hard to believe, but you actually have to do something with what you learn.

This course combines fundamental, researched principles of success. And I mean "fundamental" using the definition of unchangeable and proven to work. Every time.

The audio program also includes a simple, yet powerful Action Planning worksheet to make it easy to keep track of every single thing you want to succeed at.


One-on-One Help from Lee

When I started out as a ventriloquist back in the stone age, there was very little help as I tried to learn ventriloquism. I was mostly on my own. There was no internet, no websites, no blogs, no forums. Nothing.


When you join the Ventriloquist Academy, I'm going to make myself available to help you, if needed, as you work your way through the course.

You may find you don't need any assistance. But, if you have a question about the lessons, comedy, where to get puppets, the yearly convention, anything - just get in touch with me and I'll do my best to answer your question(s). I truly want to help you succeed in your quest to become not just a ventriloquist, but a GREAT ventriloquist!

Ready to Get Started?

The Legends Membership includes all of the Basic Membership content PLUS bonuses from many other great ventriloquists!

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