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Welcome to the Academy.

Learning ventriloquism has never been easier. With Ventriloquist Academy, you can stream lessons and content anywhere. 

Choose between two options: Basic and Legends.

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What's Included?

Here's exactly what you'll have access to by becoming a Basic Member of the Ventriloquist Academy.

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The Complete Original all time Best Selling Ventriloquism 101 Video Lessons

This is what started it all. Join Lee, Nick Woodson and Artie as they teach you step-by-step how to become a ventriloquist. The lessons are broken down into 20 short videos. This video course has sold thousands and thousands of copies.


Quick Start Audio Program

This great audio program will get you started FAST on becoming a ventriloquist. You'll be shown how to get the most out of the course, tips on practicing, how to become a ventriloquist as quickly as possible and how to have a lot of fun while you learn. Listen to this first before you begin the video course.

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Ventriloquism Revealed

This knockout 32 page book is the perfect companion to the Ventriloquism 101 video. It contains tons of other tricks, tips and secrets to ventriloquism.


The Secrets to Destroying Stage Fright Forever!

Join Lee Cornell as he reveals the results of over 20 years worth of research - showing you secrets to making the words "Stage Fright" a thing of the past in your shows.

Lee covers the best of the best in information that will allow you to go on stage without fear. You'll feel a new level of confidence! Enjoy performing and make your shows better than ever!

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Membership in the Ventriloquist Academy private Facebook group

Become part of the private Facebook community where you can join other members to discuss questions, technique, practice ideas, jokes, script writing ideas. Anything to help each other become better vents and performers.

This will be the go to place where you will want to hang out - as you learn - and after you learn how to become a ventriloquist.

I'll be checking into the group frequently as well, to see how everyone is doing and providing updates on additions to the Academy, answering questions you've posted and helping however I can.

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Membership Bonuses

If you act right now, you'll also receive these
additional bonuses - FREE!


Working for a Laugh - The Corporate Comics Survival Guide

If you want to get into the market of performing in the corporate arena, this book complied by full time entertainer Paul Romhany is a must have.

It's 164 pages packed with hundreds of jokes, stories and ideas for the corporate market. And, nearly all of the material can be adapted for any type of audience.


Mega Sales and Marketing

This is one of the best resources ever put together by marketing guru and performer Dave Dee. The information in this book will literally allow you to book as many shows as you can handle, and teach you how to really promote yourself.

Over 100 of the best marketing ideas ever compiled.


How to Get $1 Million in Publicity...Free!

OK. You’re a ventriloquist. You've got a puppet. You have a routine. You're ready to perform. Now what?

How do you get publicity for your show so people will want to hire you? How do you get your name "out there?" How can you make money with your act?

How would you like to cut way down on your advertising costs, get thousands of dollars worth of publicity and become a celebrity for FREE?

That's where this amazing "recorded live"  video seminar will help you. Not a video specifically geared towards ventriloquists, but a training video that reveals methods that can absolutely be used in any business...including the entertainment / ventriloquism field.

Dr. Paul Hartunian is the man who actually sold the World Famous Brooklyn Bridge! His story has been seen on hundreds of radio and TV shows, newspapers and magazine articles. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Hartunian has perfected his publicity system that hundreds of companies pay him up to $8,500 just to consult before sending out press and publicity releases.

In this dynamic, exciting 90 minute presentation, Dr. Hartunian reveals how anyone can get thousands of dollars of free publicity for their product, service or cause!


Videography Ninja Book and Video Combo

This revised and updated book by Lee Cornell will show you how to create your own promotional, demo and show videos at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional videographer to do it for you.

You'll learn, without the technical mumbo jumbo, the tips and timeless techniques pros use to create video products that will get watched, get you more shows and make you more money.

This book, along with the companion training video is not just for ventriloquists. It's for anyone in the entertainment business who wants to learn how to create professional looking videos.

If you are wanting to send out a demo DVD to a prospective client, make sure they are actually watching your video and not just throwing it away. Or, if you want to create a DVD of your show to sell after your performance, you'll learn how to easily do that, too.

In addition to being a ventriloquist and magician for over 40 years, Lee also has a degree in film and television production. He has produced corporate, instructional, commercial, music, wedding, show and demo videos for over 25 years.


Al Steven's Music in Ventriloquism Workshop

Al has been a first rate jazz musician, entertainer and comedy ventriloquist for over 45 years.

He plays piano, trumpet, saxophone, valve trombone and string bass. He has has played jazz festivals and gigs all over the world, including Birmingham England, various clubs in London, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, New Orleans and New York City, the Hong Kong Music and Arts Festival, the Los Angeles Classic, the Maui Jazz Festival, the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, Sun Valley, and, of course, his home town, Washington, DC.

This was the first workshop of it's kind ever presented at the Vent Haven conVENTion and Al literally covered a lifetime's worth of knowledge about the music business and how to take your show to the next level by teaching you the right way to add all types of music to your act.

Al also uses four of his ventriloquist figures (Dexter Dorsey, Uncle Sweeter Dabney, Pops and Aunt Sally Pickle) to demonstrate his topics.


Building a Professional Ventriloquist Dummy "On the Cheap"

Al Stevens has accomplished a lot over his lifetime. He was a computer programmer for NASA. He is also an accomplished musician able to play several instruments professionally, a vocalist, published author of dozens of books, speaker, instructor, comedian,ventriloquist and dummy maker.

That brings us to Al's fantastic video "Building a Professional Ventriloquial Dummy "On the Cheap."

Many who perform ventriloquism can’t afford the cost of professional hard ventriloquist dummies, so they are left using soft puppets (which is fine) or poor quality, inexpensive hard dummies.

Al took it as a challenge to come up with a way to teach nearly anyone who can follow step-by-step instructions how to make a pro dummy “on the cheap.”

Most of the supplies needed to create your new partner you may already have around your house or workshop.

Presented live at the Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion, Al takes you from the very first step and shows you how to sculpt the head and mold the cast in an easy to understand way.

Then he moves on to explain how to install the headstick , moving mouth and mechanics, install the eyes and irises in a very clever way, paint the figure, make the body and hands and where to get a wig and clothing for next to nothing.

The workshop is made crystal clear by a very informative slide presentation with multiple photographs. And at the end of the workshop, you’ll see the actual dummy that Al built.  And you’ll see Al in action as he does a brief routine to close out his presentation.

You’ll also find the workshop a lot of fun, a trademark of an Al Stevens presentation! As a bonus, you have downloadable access to his PowerPoint slides show and body templates too! Make your own professional dummy!

On The Cheap!


Guide to "Hard" Ventriloquist Dummies

In this fun and educational video, Lee shows you several "hard" ventriloquist figures and their controls. From his very first "Jerry" dummy he received when he was nine years old, to the current figures he uses today and others in between, you'll see up close the many animations you can get when you purchase a professional figure.

Shots of the control stick, the levers and what they do, the placement of your fingers and more!

Plus you'll get some great insights as to how many different movements you truly need on a dummy, and the logic behind Lee's opinions. This information may surprise you!


Making Practice More Fun and Staying Motivated

For new ventriloquists just starting out, sometimes you need a little extra nudge to stay on track with your practicing and in staying motivated.


In this video, Lee provides some great advice on how to make practicing fun and exciting, which gets you closer to becoming a ventriloquist as quickly as possible. And Nick Woodson and Lee show an amazing example of how the illusion of ventriloquism works.


Creating Puppet Voices - Revisited

In  this video, Lee expands on his original Ventriloquism 101 training and goes it to great detail on how to create as many puppet voices as you want. And it's a lot easier than you think!

Having problems coming up with a voice for your dummy? Not anymore! Using four core principals, you'll be amazed at how many voices you'll be able to add to your characters.

And, you'll see Lee demonstrate the voices using several of the figures he uses in his shows - and explains the "why" and the "how" he came up with his voices. There is a right way and a wrong way to choose a puppet voice. Lee makes it all crystal clear.

BONUS #10 & 11

Al Stevens Performance Combo

You've seen Al Stevens teach how to add music to your show and how to build your own professional ventriloquist dummy. Now, sit back and have a ton of laughs as Al gets on stage.  He performs with Dexter Dorsey, Aunt Sally Pickle and Uncle Sweeter Dabney.

Dexter flirts with the ladies, Uncle Sweeter talks about his trips to the doctor, life with his "ol' woman", and Aunt Sally comments about her quests for men. These characters will keep you in stitches!


The Lee Cornell Show Compilation

Lee has been performing ventriloquism for over 40 years. Like, even before there were video cameras...

Enjoy watching clips of Lee performing with his most popular characters over the years - Nick Woodson (the original and the newer one), Snickers the Dog, Doc Wilson, Francisco the Mexican Parrot (a tribute to Sammy King), The "Mask" and more.

What's even more amazing is how the puppets look just the same through the years. Lee - not so much.


David Turner at the Vent Haven ConVENTion

David Turner has been performing for over 30 years.

Most of his puppets were built by him. In this video, recorded at the Vent Haven ConVENTion, you'll see David do routines with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Tad Short and the sexy Stella.

David also has toured to over 14 countries with this cast of characters entertaining our military. Comedy, music, singing and perfect technique. You'll really enjoy watching this video!


Bob Rumba's Choices of Voices

Master impressionist, voice over talent, character voice creator extraordinaire, ventriloquist, highly in demand balloon creative artist and actor, Bob Rumba, has been honing his craft nearly his entire life.


He has worked with Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Barbara Mandrell, Oprah, Hanna Barbara, Neil Sedaka, Frank Sinatra, Steve Allen, Carl Reiner, Emo Phillips, Judy Tenuta, Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones of the Monkees.


He has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, 30 Seconds of Fame, The Human Factor and America’s Funniest People. He also worked in Branson, MO. for many years.


Bob’s past clients (including television commercial work) include Montgomery Ward, Sunkist, 9 Lives, United Airlines, McDonalds, Hallmark, Wasau Insurance, ATT, Westinghouse and too many others to list.


Now let Bob help you with his forte - creating character voices - in this nearly 2 hour video “Choices of  Voices.” Recorded live in front of two standing room only workshops at the 2015 Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion. Bob shows you his secret weapon way to warm up your throat, his never before revealed method of creating 6 different character voices from one initial voice. And so much more.


The most fun and valuable content of this video is when Bob borrows puppets from audience members and helps them create a voice for their character. Priceless and hilarious! And note: this video is not just for ventriloquists! It’s for all people who work in front of a crowd. From magicians, to emcees, to public speakers who want to add something different to their presentation, to comics to sales presenters.


Bob Rumba's Publicity Photo Workshop

Bob Rumba has been entertaining all types of audiences with his unparalleled variety of comedic talents for over 40 years.


He has worked with Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Barbara Mandrell, Oprah, Hanna Barbara, Neil Sedaka, Frank Sinatra, Steve Allen, Carl Reiner, Emo Phillips, Judy Tenuta, Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones of the Monkees.


He has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, 30 Seconds of Fame on FOX, The Human Factor on the BBC and America’s Funniest People. He also worked in Branson, MO. for many years.


Bob is also considered by many in show business as THE most creative expert when it comes taking publicity photos.


He has produced, from start to finish, hundreds of photos during his own career, as well as assisting many others who seek out his advice


Now Bob will help you, with this amazing “Publicity Photos Workshop” - presented at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion to a  packed room of several hundred attendees.


He shows you step by step and teaches you how to create publicity and promo photos that are unlike any others you’ve ever seen.  Photos that are so innovative, unique and hilarious that your clients, agents, bookers and media can’t help but want to know more about you.


Bob shares nearly 150 professional photos spanning his own long and successful career, as he describes the secrets to coming up with the ideas, how to pose for the photo, framing, lighting, backgrounds, using selective coloring, props and other tricks and secrets that will make people really take notice of you!


He also  uses several  members of the audience to demonstrate “live” how to set up the perfect publicity photo! This is one of the most informative                 presentations on this topic you’ll ever see!


Ken Lucas Vent Haven Performace

Watch Ken Lucas and his duck Casey kill at the Vent Haven Convention Wednesday night show!


Props as Puppets with Clinton Detweiler

Clinton Detweiler was the owner of Maher Ventriloquist Studios for nearly 40 years. He not only taught ventriloquism with his Maher course, but also created many puppets over his long career. This video shows you how to make all kinds of puppets out of unusual items. 

Cereal boxes, plastic baseball bats, books, watering cans, sandbox toys, flower pots and many more!

This was a live workshop Clinton presented at the annual Vent Haven Convention.


One on One Help from Lee

When I started out as a ventriloquist back in the stone age, there was very little help as I tried to learn ventriloquism. I was mostly on my own. There was no internet, no websites, no blogs, no forums. Nothing.


When you join the Ventriloquist Academy, I'm going to make myself available to help you, if needed, as you work your way through the course.

You may find you don't need any assistance. But, if you have a question about the lessons, comedy, where to get puppets, the yearly convention, anything - just get in touch with me and I'll do my best to answer your question(s). I truly want to help you succeed in your quest to become not just a ventriloquist, but a GREAT ventriloquist!

Ready to Get Started?

Basic Membership teaches everything you need to know to become a ventriloquist in as little as 30 days. Or, take your learning to the next level by watching some of the best ventriloquists ever through the Legends Membership.

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