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Now you can own the same classic course that thousands of other ventriloquists used to learn this amazing art form. These were originally vinyl record albums! Remember those?


Superstar Jeff Dunham learned ventriloquism from Jimmy's albums and he still considers it one of the finest training courses available.


NOW available in an mp3 download format! You can also still get these in the CD and printed booklet edition. See that option in the store.


Here's the story:


Legendary ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson was a good friend of mine.


In 2007 I was honored that he allowed me to remaster his two best selling instructional record albums from the 1960's onto CD's, which many copies were sold.


Now they are also available as an mp3 download. You'll receive both his original "Instant Ventriloquism", "Ventriloquism 2" and the companion routine booklet that lets you become an "instant ventriloquist" by listening to the recording and reading your lines from the booklet as Danny and Farfel say their parts.


Here's what is covered:

“Instant Ventriloquism” mp3 Tracks:
Track 1-
The First Lesson-The Position of the Mouth-The Beginner’s, or, Simple Alphabet
Track 2-The Difficult Letters-The Letter “B.”
Track 3-The Letter “F.”
Track 4-The Letter “M.”
Track 5-The Letter “P.”
Track 6-The Letter “V.”
Track 7-The Letters “W” and “Y.” Track 8-Review and the Ventriloquial Voice
Track 9-The Last Lesson
Track 10-Instant Ventriloquism-Explanation
Track 11-Routine for Danny O’Day
Track 12-Routine for Farfel
Track 13-Routine for Danny O’Day and Farfel


“Ventriloquism 2” mp3 Tracks:
Track 1-Introduction
Track 2-Review-Simple and Difficult Alphabets
Track 3-Putting on a Show-Manipulation
Track 4-Timing-Singing the Alphabet
Track 5-Choosing a Ventriloquial Voice
Track 6-Acting and Re-Acting
Track 7-”Girlfriend Routine”-Recorded Live
Track 8-Judging Your Audience
Track 9-”Boy Scout Routine”-Recorded Live
Track 10-Ad Libbing
Track 11-”Army Routine”-Recorded Live
Track 12-Study and Practice.The Rest is Up to You!


These are the only legal digitally remastered recordings personally authorized by Jimmy Nelson.  No more pops, cracks, scratches or noise like on the original records. Anything else digital you may find on the Internet is an illegal bootleg copy.


Part of your purchase price will be donated to the Vent Haven Museum - the only museum in the world dedicated to the art of ventriloquism!

mp3 Jimmy Nelson's Instant Ventriloquism and Ventriloquism 2 & Companion Booklet

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