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You have a card selected and are unable to find it. You then bring out a cute little fish puppet. After some funny bits of business, CORY (the fish puppet) claims he can find the previously selected card. The deck of cards, which have been put back into a card box, is placed into the empty mouth of the puppet. Yet, in less than 3 seconds, CORY is able to produce the chosen card from the CLOSED CARD BOX. This cute little fish is guaranteed to "fry" your audience.


Created by professional magician and 35 year veteran as a performer at the Magic Castle, Dick Barry.


Easy to do. Super high quality puppet. If you are a ventriloquist, you can do the act using your vent voice for Cory. If you are not a vent, Cory comes with a "squeaker" you put inside the puppet to make him "talk."


Watch the video! Only one left!

Cory The Amazing Fish Puppet

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