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Bob Neller had a long ventriloquism career. While not an international "star", Bob kept busy performing and teaching ventriloquism for decades. He is regarded as having one of the best distant voice illusions ever. In this audio CD course (which includes the seldom found companion printed instruction booklet), Bob covers these topics:


1). PRINTED  (Instructions, introduction to your author, and pages with other important general information).


2). RECORDED ON TRACK 1 -  Concerning close ventriloquism

A. Directional location of sound

B. Quality of voice needed

C. Vent figures and actions of the dummy

D. Actions of the ventriloquist

E. Basic lip and jaw control



A. Simple letters

B. Substitute sounds for W, F and V

C. Substitute sounds for M



A. Continuation of substitute sound for M

B. Substitute sounds for P and B

C. STOP the CD and read the printed text



A. Review and practice sessions on close ventriloquism

B. Preliminary remarks on Distant Ventriloquism

C. Instructions to back to the CD


6). RECORDED ON TRACK  4 - Concerning distant ventriloquism

A. How the ear detects sound direction

B. Psychological factors needed

C. What kind of sound is needed and why. Intensity - Pitch - Quality - Lost Sounds - Closer sounds

D. Distant demonstrations

E. How to produce the sounds - the Drone

F. Concluding remarks


A must have for your ventriloquism library collection!


Bob Neller - Ventriloquism - CD and Companion Booklet

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