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Legendary ventriloquist Bill DeMar performed for over 65 years. During those years he traveled all over the country. One of Bill's trademarks was his desire to always have a professional looking stage setup. From himself, to his props, his puppets, backdrop...everything had to have the look of "this guy is a real pro."


As part of this look, Bill came up with his own design for beautiful, sleek looking performace cases. These were not only great for working the puppets and magic from, but they could also be used to transport the props between shows. So they did double duty! He used this type of case for most of his career. 


These cases are not designed to be carried on airlines. But they are perfect for transporting to your shows in your vehicle. They are extremely lightweight. Bill used two cases and carried one in each hand when loading into a show.


Sadly, Bill passed away in 2015. But he left behind the exact build instructions that he used to make his cases. With his permission before he passed away, you can now build your own Bill DeMar case.


This instant download includes:

  • A video of Bill showing you the inside and outside of his cases
  • A set of written instructions showing you all of the supplies you need and how to assemble them.
  • Exploded 3D drawings showing you the cases.


As beautiful and functional as these cases are, if you have a saw, a hammer, screwdrivers and some glue, these cases are relatively easy to build. 


Give your audience a "wow' factor of adding these travel / performance cases to your act!

Bill DeMar Travel and Performance Cases - Instant Download

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